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A New Hope – A chronological parody of the Star Wars 1977 film that started it all. BMS kicked off with A New Hope in February, 2009 and it ran for over a year, sometimes three times per week. Our style was slowly developing and improving. Like Lucas, we have on occasion gone back and made tweaks or added a new scene.
Part 1 – Princess Leia is captured, the droids are sold
Part 2 – Luke meets Obi-Wan and Tarkin entertains two ladies
Lady Tarkin’s visit (Imperial interlude)
Part 3 – Mos Eisley Space Port
Part 4 – The Millennium Falcon
Part 5 – Rescue the Princess
Part 6 – The Rebel Briefing on Yavin IV
Part 7 – The Battle of Yavin / Trench Run

A New Hope: Aftermath – a short series of strips dealing with the immediate ramifications for several characters directly affected by the events of the first movie.

Little Alderaan – A BMS canon Rebel base we named Little Alderaan after taking a liking to the asteroid base seen in The Boba Fett Adventure from the Star Wars Holiday Special. This was a chance to play with the characters a little before Empire Strikes Back and see them really getting to know one another.

The Boba Fett Adventure – A scene by scene parody of the animated short that first introduced Boba Fett to the Star Wars universe.

The Holiday Special – We managed to parody most scenes from the already awful Holiday Special.

Greedo’s Cousins – the idea that Greedo is from a clan of Rodian bounty hunters permeates the Expanded Universe material so we ran with that idea and developed something out of it with this little storyarc.

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye – A little known Star Wars novelization that counts as the first EU book. It is frowned upon for pursuing a romantic relationship between Luke and Leia, but it was written prior to Empire Strikes Back. A lot of fun to play with and expose to people who were unfamiliar with its curious contents.

The Empire Strikes Back
Part 1 – Hoth base
Part 2 – Battle of Hoth & Escape
Part 3 – Dagobah, Asteroids & Needa
Part 4 – Bounty Hunters & Cloud City
Part 5 – Carbonite & Luke vs Vader
Part 6 – Escape from Cloud City

Shadows of the Empire
Part 1 – Introducing Xizor, Jix & Dash
Part 2 – Boba Fett arrives on Gall, followed by the heroes
Part 3 – Luke & Dash on Tatooine, Leia & Lando meet Guri
Part 4 – Luke & Dash help the Bothans, while Boba Fett fends off the Bounty Hunters

Return of the Jedi – We are currently on Return of the Jedi. We should be concluding the Jabba’s palace sequence in July, 2014.
Part 1 – Darth Vader’s arrival on the Death Star
Part 2 – The Droids meet Jabba
Part 3 – Boussh arrives
Part 4 – That Tale of Biggs and Oola – Part 1
Part 5 – Luke meets Jabba the Hutt
Part 6 – The Sarlacc Pit
Part 7 – The Emperor Arrives

Jedipedia / Jedi-Con interlude

Part 8 – The Rebel Fleet
Part 9 – The Rebel Briefing
Part 10 – Throne Room interlude
Part 11 – Rebel Hangar Bay
Part 12 – The Council of Evil
Part 13 – The Endor Mission
Part 14 – The Ewoks
Part 15 – Meanwhile, in space
Part 16 – The Bunker of Doom
Part 17 – Space Battle