Not only does 4-Lom know how to break into spaceships without setting off the alarms, but he… oh wait… no he doesn’t. One thing’s for sure, Boba Fett is awesome! Don’t doubt it!

I think 4-Lom is actually a lot more cute than he is menacing. Although you only see 4-Lom’s legs in this strip, it’s better than what you get in the Shadows of the Empire trading card series where the Hildebrandt brothers mistook Zuckuss for 4-Lom! Thus, they help to confuse casual fans by polluting Google search results with the wrong bounty hunter image or name.

Hey! I know these are minor characters and I know the Hildebrandt’s still did a nice painting! I’m just pointing it out for anyone vaguely interested… that’s all! Sheesh. What’s that? I’m having a conversation with myself? Yeah… yeah, I am. Wat? <-- that's a Vader "What?" from the Trench Run. [caption id="attachment_7471" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Shadows of the Empire trading card #092 – “4-LOM Tries His Luck Against Fett” It’s the wrong bloody character![/caption]

We’ve been holding off announcing this for a while, kind of in the hope that somehow it might still happen, but we have had to cancel our plans to appear at Celebration Europe. We had a great little deal worked out with Jedipedia to join them at their booth and cross promote, as well as a gracious offer of a place for us to stay, but sadly a number of personal considerations have made the financial risk of traveling over there too great for us at this time.

I really regret it already. We can’t do two huge trips within 6 months of each other, but if we could raise the money it would still be a possibility… I just I don’t really know where to start. There are, as ever, job uncertainties as well, and we’re pretty sure that in a few months we will have to tighten our belts and adjust to a reduced income. The one perk could be that some of our original projects might start to move forward.

However, I do wish our buddies at Jedipedia all the best and we still plan to provide them some visual goodies to sell or give away at their booth. Also, to everyone else who is attending, go and have a force-tastic time! Take lots of photos and make memories! We’re so glad that European fans, who couldn’t travel to the USA Celebration shows, now have their opportunity to experience it closer to home.

For anyone that was actually excited about us being there, I’m really sorry. However, Leanne and I still really want to visit Europe for a vacation and would love to time it around a Star Wars related show in the future. Maybe if Leanne and I can work some small miracles with our original creative projects in the next year, we might actually have the option of traveling at last.

Some of you may have missed this, but I added two new Dash Rendar strips on Wednesday. They follow after the Lazy Mandalorian strip (which I also happen to have tweaked). I had to insert the scenes or else I would have been forced to insert them seriously out of sequence. I also had to shuffle several of the strips that have already been posted so that the scenes match the chronological order of events in the multi-media continuity nightmare that is, Shadows of the Empire. More like Nightmare of the Empire.

Seriously, I’d like to kick the guy in the nuts who decided to split Shadows across three separate mediums. If it was a chick, I guess I’d get Leanne to do something appropriate on my behalf. Trying to keep the scenes in the right order when there is no single complete source is more challenging than it may sound. Especially when you’re trying to find gags and characters to play off without compromising a scene that takes place elsewhere in the video game, or the Boba Fett limited series, or the novel, or the Dark Horse abridged Graphic Novel adaptation, or the audio adaptation, or the trading cards, or the toyline… or the line of Xizor underpants…

These three strips are meant as a sequence explaining how Dash came to encounter Boba on Gall prior to Leia and the gang returning with him to kick the bounty hunter’s ass and rescue good ol’ Han.