Over the next couple of weeks I will be listing several more themed sets of Blue Milk Special webcomic strips in printed form, each individually signed by Leanne and myself. These are one of a kind and our physical reference copies for each character. We have sold off most of our collection already, but we still have the final sets for Han Solo, Luke, as well as Wedge, Lando, Ackbar & Mon Mothma, left. If you want to be the fan to own one of these sets, then please jump in quick.

Please consider supporting BMS, whether it’s through buying one of these auctions, or donating via Patreon or GoFundMe. If you want to donate to us directly through Paypal, then here is the link.

If you subscribe to us through Patreon, you get to see the next set of strips early and get exclusive content. All money helps keep BMS going from the cost of the website to helping with my expensive monthly medical bills and health insurance. We can not publish BMS for sale as it is only a fan project, so we rely on fan support for the project’s continuation.