Remember our BMS Milk Cartons?

Some of our newer readers may not have discovered the papercraft side of the Blue Milk Special webcomic. However, we have a whole page devoted to BMS milk cartons, including instructions on how to make them. They are the brainchild of BMS team member, T. Gatto. We’re pleased to announce T. has a new wave of cartons to debut here on BMS, starting with Qui Gon Genie. Please remember these are absolutely free to download and construct. These are by fans for fans. If you see anyone selling these, please report them to us immediately.

To see the rest of the cartons, head on over to our BMS Milk Cartons page here.

We’ve joined WebToons and Blue Milk Special is now available in a new vertical format.

Not only are we able to reach people who have never heard of Blue Milk Special, but the WebToons system is arguably the most professional webcomic host and reading experience out there! We want to give a special thank you to WebToons for featuring us as one of their recommended “Discover” comics.

WebToons works on your web browser or your smart phone app and allows you to read a wide range of webcomics both amateur and professional creators alike. It also has a unique formatting rule where all webcomics have to scroll vertically, rather than left to right. It makes for a brand new Blue Milk Special reading experience!

Here’s an example of our reformatted look over on the left. To read it full size, click the link to go straight to Webtoons. While you’re there, we hope you will consider making an account, checking out the many webcomics on offer, as well as becoming a subscriber to Blue Milk Special. It’s FREE!

Obviously, supporting us on Webtoons is totally free and only requires a minute of your time each day. There are many great webcomics there to discover by artists more talented than us, so dive in and escape the drudgery of daily life for a while! 🙂

On a separate note, please consider supporting BMS, whether it’s through buying one of these auctions, or donating via Patreon or GoFundMe. If you want to donate to us directly through Paypal, then here is the link.

If you subscribe to us through Patreon, you get to see the next set of strips early and get exclusive content. All money helps keep BMS going from the cost of the website to helping with my expensive monthly medical bills and health insurance. We can not publish BMS for sale as it is only a fan project, so we rely on fan support for the project’s continuation.