Actor Gareth Thomas, star of Blake’s 7 and veteran thespian on stage and television, died yesterday at 71 from heart failure. When Leanne gasped and shouted the news from the living room we were both left feeling deeply saddened.

942869_10153739840958992_3797021248857078872_nLikely, most of our readers know nothing about Blake’s 7, or Gareth Thomas. I guess all you need to know is that he was someone we both admire and respect.

I could talk about how much his portrayal of the titular character Blake from Blake’s 7 was so powerful, nuanced and compelling and how much I loved what he did with the show. Somehow though, it would detract from talking about the thoughtful and caring guy that Gareth was as a person.

I never got to meet him, and I never expected to hear this news so soon, but he will live on through his work and the memories that fans have shared of him.

If you’re curious about the show Blake’s 7, check it out. It’s on Youtube. One of the best love / hate relationships between fictional characters was Blake vs Avon and it is the core of the show’s longevity and cult following. You can see the famous ship, the Liberator, in the second panel of today’s strip.

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