We thought it would be appropriate for Leia to be present during the impromptu cremation of her father / Vader suit. Heck, we felt it was even more appropriate for Leia to be the one to get to light the fire. I mean, you would have thought George Lucas would have done that, since he seemed to think shoehorning Leia in as Luke’s sister important enough to keep in the script, but not to actually explore or treat in a way that would be anywhere near realistic for her character. You can fill in the blanks between the scenes to add what George never did, but it should have been there in the film. Anyway, here’s our tongue-in-cheek, “cartoon strip” way of doing it justice.

Leanne recently completed this fantastic commission for a friend’s birthday gift. It’s Dave Turnbull, one of the best Han Solo cosplayers on the planet. Check out his page on the Rebel Legion here.

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