We never see it happen on screen but, between Han’s torture and imprisonment, Leia ditches her Cloud City dress for her Hoth suit, sans sleeveless jacket. Blue Milk Special presents that moment, which we can only assume happened begrudgingly for the Alderaanian princess.

NEWS: Blue Milk Special to Parody Shadows of the Empire!

We have an announcement to make. Shadows of the Empire is coming to Blue Milk Special (or is it vice versa?).

Blue Milk Special will parody Shadows of the Empire between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The decision was made after running the above readers poll for the last month. The results are clear and the decision is settled. This was the largest poll response in recent memory, although we did leave the poll up for a while to accumulate votes. We’re still about three months away from concluding our parody of The Empire Strikes Back but, before Return of the Jedi debuts and we hit the home stretch, you can look forward to a short diversion.

For the benefit of our more mainstream readers, Shadows of the Empire was a sequel to The Empire Strikes Back, chronicling parallel events during the movie and events prior to Return of the Jedi. It follows, most importantly, the search for Han Solo / Boba Fett, but throws a green-skinned pheromone wielding villain into the mix. The story was told across various media, primarily the novel, video game and comic book series, and each covered different events meaning you would miss out if you didn’t pay up. Because the story does not exist in a single complete form, it is hard to sit down and enjoy it in a traditional way. Plus it has its drawbacks, like Prince Xisor, who I loathe. However, that should make parodying him all the more enjoyable. Just as we parodied the Star Wars Holiday Special and Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, Shadows will slot in neatly with the BMS art style and should meld nicely into the Original Trilogy adaptation so far.

I am not as fresh on Shadows of the Empire so I will welcome ideas and suggestions on trivia to consider for the BMS adaptation. Please email them directly to me as I don’t want potential spoilers in the blog comments thread. Comments with suggestions will be edited or deleted. Ideas that we do choose to develop will work better as a surprise though credit will be given where it is due.

So, there’s the big Friday news. Thank you to everyone who voted and commented on the poll. Your opinions were considered. On Monday we have some new BMS goodies to debut, so check back soon! Thanks for reading!