Turns out Robot Chicken did something similar to our last strip (see last Friday), so the feeling of disappointment over here at Team BMS has been a cloud over the weekend. I decided to cut straight to this strip, as I doubt anyone’s done THIS before. I love Yoda and Obi-Wan. 🙂

We’ve ended the “Best Expanded Universe fiction” poll. In a moment I’ll talk about the results and my thoughts. But first… time for a little of Neil Baker!

The talented Neil Baker, creator of the Turning to the Dork Side Star Wars parody webcomic, has produced an animated movie which he is now submitting to festivals for the 2013 circuit! Small Sacrifices has appeared at one festival already and has been nominated for a sound design award! I think this is simply fantastic and I’m really thrilled for him. Way to go, Neil!

The stop-motion film is inspired, in part, by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay’s conquest of Mt. Everest. It tells the story and struggle of a group of fleas, led by Count Otto Von Louse, on an expedition to conquer the Great Gnatterhorn. Show your support to Neil in words, or in donations for his ambitious Epic of Tiny Proportions!

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Poll Results!

Over the last couple of months we asked readers What is the Best Expanded Universe Fiction? Over 1200 responses later we have a pretty good idea of what fans love most in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

The Thrawn Trilogy might as well have been the Death Star, and the competition, Alderaan, because it blew everything else away.

Published in 1991, it was the first official Star Wars novel since Return of the Jedi which created a great deal of interest. Perhaps part of its massive popularity stems from the hype it received. It also launched a series of Star Wars novels that continue to this day.

Knights of the Old Republic mounted a small but comparatively futile challenge. If we combine the X-Wing and TIE Fighter series (novels, comics, games) then the star fighter themed works have a convincing third place. The Brian Daley Han Solo Adventures books came fourth, which is a triumph for the vintage era Expanded Universe! Kyle Katarn and Republic Commando are also widely popular. The Clone Wars low placing may have been influenced by the BMS readership being skewed toward OT Star Wars, though it still performed well in the poll. Shadows of the Empire ranked lower than Clone Wars. What do you guys think about the results?