Podcast for Blue Milk Special webcomicFinally, we debut the long awaited Blue Milk Special Podcast. You can thank George Lucas for making this finally happen. Join your hosts– Rod Hannah, Leanne Hannah and Kevin Conn— as we delve into the making of BMS the webcomic, the world of Star Wars and beyond!

A big thank you to Jon Kallis of Masters Cast for his advice, and to Rosko Lewis for the use of his excellent Imperial March remix (check out his voice over work).

If you enjoy it, please do what you can to share the link back to the Podcast. We would welcome reviews as well. Anything listeners are willing to do, type or say. We hope to have episode #2 next week.

November 13, 2013

Star Wars: Angry Birds
LucasFilm loves Disney

Direct Download: Episode 01

Duration: 49:52

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