Welcome back to Blue Milk Special all you stragglers and miscreants! We’ve missed you! Yes, YOU! However, we have a new strip and podcast episode 3 to keep you going until Friday!

Leanne Hannah Star Wars sketch cardsLeanne and I had a busy weekend. On Saturday we interviewed John White, creator of Star Wars: Age 9 for a future episode of the podcast. We also set up a new Christmas tree, created the above BMS strip, and watched Once Upon a Time. Leanne is responsible for me watching that show. Incidentally, she sneaked in a cartoon based on the latest episode here. Speaking of Leanne, there’s still time for readers to take the opportunity to get their very own sketch card illustrated by Leanne of a character of their choice. Click here. Go on, spoil yourself, and us, this holiday season. Also, does anyone know if they make Star Wars Christmas Tree ornaments?

Sadly, Sir Patrick Moore, the eminent British Astronomer passed away at 89 over the weekend. He is the reason I have a Galileo GMEQ-SC 900mm x 60mm telescope in my living room waiting to be set up outside on a cloudless night. I had been watching his astronomy show, The Sky at Night this year. I find the planets and the space inbetween awesome and inspirational and have always wanted to gaze up at a galaxy far, far away… Moore’s passing may not be the end of the long running television show, but his personality, and his tragic love story made him a joy to watch. He, along with Neil Armstrong will be missed and long remembered.

Episode 3

December 5, 2012

Star Wars News Updates
Star Wars Prequels in 3D
Our Star Wars Origin Stories
Star Wars as a Pop Culture

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