Ever wonder where Boba got his “ship of the ocean” in The Story of the Faithful Wookiee”? And what was he doing on Panna? How did he know Han and Luke would end up crashing there? Etc etc… BMS will provide the answers. Stay tuned… or something.

Were you getting fed up with our original Interquel material? Aching for The Empire Strikes Back? Well, the first step on our journey towards the most popular film in the Trilogy is the Star Wars Holiday Special. It was produced for CBS television in 1978 during the height of Star Wars mania. Although it has been heavily derided by fans and not without good reason, it did reunite the original cast as well as feature an animated side-adventure introducing Boba Fett to the world for the first time.

The Holiday Special is plagued by a very simplistic plot, clearly aimed at younger children and, unlike the films, has painfully slow pacing. It is interrupted numerous times by musical guests and “celebrity” appearances… and it is in this context that the Boba Fett cartoon stands out.

The animated segment is titled “The Story of the Faithful Wookiee”… a pretty boring title. I like to refer to it as the Boba Fett cartoon, simply because if I used the actual title in conversation with someone they most likely will not know what I’m talking about.

Part of the inspiration for the BMS characterization of Boba Fett is drawn from this animated appearance. Watch carefully towards the end of the animated adventure (embedded below thanks to YouTube) for a clue. For all those that think Boba Fett is such a bad ass, I ask you to give me actual onscreen evidence of this. What proof exists that his legend is deserved beyond the admitedly cool “Mandalorian” armor? If we are simply told he is “the best bounter hunter in the galaxy” and yet witness nothing to support this, then perhaps he’s just the best self-promoter in the galaxy? Introducing BMS Boba Fett. 🙂

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