Captain Badass is on the Falcon. Everything’s going to be alright now.

Oh, I found an awesome animated GIF on a forum and I felt it tied into today’s strip. Get down with the Wookiee!

By the way, Blue Milk Special isn’t all that Leanne and I do. I have a super hero comic book of my own called Sovena Red that I’m preparing to launch in June. What’s it about? It’s a fairytale set in a superhero world about a little girl with extraordinary powers and extraordinary problems. Vague enough for you? Okay, okay… it’s a fun all ages superhero comic. How’s that? You can check out the FREE 8 page preview in webcomic format over at and you can join the brand new Facebook page for updates and pinups coming from industry professionals very soon.

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Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special animated short below, courtesy of YouTube.

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