Boba Fett is not sure he can trust Chewbacca the Wookie just yet. As far as introductions go, the main cast are sure making a lasting impression. I may call this the Boba Fett Adventure, but in truth it was named the Story of the Faithful Wookiee, so I suppose it is really meant to be about Chewie. I guess it really is, although Boba Fett nearly steals the show. I say nearly because Chewie does some memorably bizarre things in this story that might make some strange sense in the context of the situation, but still seem unnerving. Naturally, Leanne and I have to take things just one step further. 😉 I couldn’t resist including the dancing wookiee animated GIF again. If you know who the creator of this animation is, please let me know and I’ll give you full credit.

I’ll also just repeat yesterday’s mention of my website launch for Sovena Red, my first published comic book coming out soon to an online store near you…

By the way, Blue Milk Special isn’t all that Leanne and I do. I have a super hero comic book of my own called Sovena Red that I’m preparing to launch in June. What’s it about? It’s a fairytale set in a superhero world about a little girl with extraordinary powers and extraordinary problems. Vague enough for you? Okay, okay… it’s a fun all ages superhero comic. How’s that? You can check out the FREE 8 page preview in webcomic format over at and you can join the brand new Facebook page for updates and pinups coming from industry professionals very soon.

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Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special animated short below, courtesy of YouTube.

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