The reason for the delay has been the sudden passing of one of Blue Milk Special’s biggest supporters.

On January 23rd, 2019, my dad passed away in North Shore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand. I had rushed out to be with him two days earlier, arriving from the east coast United States the morning before he passed. He suffered for decades with Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis. It is a horrible disease that can eventually destroy your body from the inside out, which was the case with my father.

Fortunately, I was able to spend 13 hours with him on Wednesday and although he could no longer communicate, I believe he was able to understand much of what I had to share with him.

The following Tuesday he was cremated and a memorial service was held at the Milford Cruising Club in respect to my dad’s love for the sea and boats.

I am still in New Zealand at the time of typing this. With my younger brother’s help, I am doing my best to organize my father’s mass of ham radio and carpentry / building tools for inventory and valuing, as well as contacting estranged family members and friends.

His passing was not a shock, as his deterioration had become very steep in the last two years and his health remained too poor for him to survive a liver transplant. By the time I arrived he had been in constant pain and was suffering from brain damage due to kidney damage during an otherwise routine ECRP procedure. During the procedure an infection entered his blood stream and his fragile body was unable to recover. The following days were painful and harrowing for us all.

Seeing anyone suffering to the point of being rendered into such a state would be heart breaking enough. Seeing my father unable to function or articulate beyond painful groans and restless confusion, little more than skin and bone and afflicted with jaundice, hanging on and fighting with every breath… it has been a life changing experience for me. Although he ultimately slipped into a coma in the last hours of the evening and went peacefully, the suffering he has endured for so many years, especially in the past five has been unbearable. Despite this, he not only supported my work financially, but continued to pursue his myriad of hobbies to a reduced extent. He lived his life and was a true adventurer. He died young at 67.

Things have been very challenging. Leanne and I are on the very cusp of our debut of an entirely original flagship title with Webtoons called Heart-Wired. Leanne remained in the USA and continues to work on Heart-Wired and I do my best to keep BMS going, but I have not had much chance in the past week and a half.

By this coming Friday I should have a better idea of the amount of work to do regarding settling my dad’s affairs and estate, and when I can plan to fly back home and reunite with Leanne. It is already the longest stretch of time we have had apart from one another since we married in 2004.

I will be updating with another BMS strip this Friday as we have some momentum to rebuild and a brand new webcomic on the way as well. So please check back and spread the word. The success of our creative projects lies as much in your hands as in our own.

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