No, this isn’t named after the song by the fake Russian lesbian techno-pop band, Tatu, although it is a good song (if you can overlook that one singer of the duo that has the funny sounding accent). Yesterday we asked whether you thought Boba Fett was a good guy or a bad guy? He shot Threepio’s head clean off, so we weren’t being subtle… yet Luke seems to trust anyone who isn’t a friend of the Empire. Perhaps, Boba is one of the best examples in the Star Wars universe that life isn’t black and white. Just like Han, preemptively shooting Greedo (in the original theatrical release), Boba is prepared to do whatever is necessary to survive so long as it doesn’t cross his personal code of honor. Does this code of honor make him more good than bad? Moral dilemmas love guys like this.

Looks like Boba Fett has joined Team Skywalker… at least, for now.

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