After a brief two and a half week delay, here is a morsel of a strip to keep you guys going. The Epic Strip I promised is almost complete, but still a day or two to go before the last characters are added. It’s a lot of work, honest. BMS supporters who are supporting us via Patreon already know how much detail is going into this upcoming strip as we’ve posted roughs, lineart and finished segments of the strip over on Patreon already. But the wait is nearly over and BMS will be rolling along on a regular update schedule once again.

Re: today’s strip, I think it’s an important observations. Han put in a word about Lando’s space battle maneuver experience which helped get Lando the job as a general. Did Han know what he was doing all along and try to set Lando up for certain death? I’d like to think so. At least in BMS. 😉

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