It’s so hard to find good help at Jabba’s palace!

Blue Milk Special is supporting and promoting the Voyage Trekkers Movie project. Last Friday we posted the first of a two part crossover where Voyage Trekkers characters appear in the our BMS style. We call this two part story, The Blue Milk Adventure.


Leanne and I are doing a whole series of these “Voyage Trekkers Adventures” webcomics (sans BMS characters) to help publicize the web series and movie. We promised that there would be more Voyage Trekkers strips if their IndieGogo campaign hit 100 backers . We’re pleased to announce that the milestone of 100 backers have been reached! Nathan Blackwell, creator of Voyage Trekkers will be releasing the series of Voyage Trekkers Adventures strips over the course of this week. You can follow on Twitter or Facebook to see them.