Welcome to 2014! I hope Lando has better luck with the ladies this year! We approach our 5th anniversary in one month. As we count down, let us know what you’ve enjoyed most about Blue Milk Special over the years and which strips gave you the biggest laughs.

You didn’t think we’d forget Captain Apollo and Starbuck, did you? Well, actually, maybe you forgot. Long time readers will remember our incentive strip that featured a crossover with classic Battlestar Galactica. Please check out the lost “Declan Jabba” strips. They were originally voting incentive strips in 2010 during the Spaghetooine storyarc, but somehow were omitted from website continuity until now. So today you really get 5 strips.



and Jenna Stannis, from Blake’s 7…



Thank you to everyone that has offered me kind words and support, especially to those that have been able to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign with my medical fund. We’re almost at our goal!