We know TK-8008 has some fans out there and it seemed only natural that he would talk to Boba Fett at some point while they are both on Cloud City together. I hope you enjoy their conversation, short as it may be! You may notice the background indicates we are transitioning into the Carbon Freezing Chamber scene. I held the big debut of the room over for Monday, and you can get your sneak peak by voting for us at TopWebComics.com.

Thanks to Michael for sending me the link to RiffTrax’s Holiday Special commentary. It’s trimmed down to about 10 minutes. I figured I would share it, even though we finished the Holiday Special parody a couple of years ago. If you haven’t seen our parody, click here. In the meantime, you can enjoy RiffTrax slightly more watchable version. Do not keep razor blades within reach while attempting to watch the Holiday Special.

I am currently working with Leanne to put together a “Best of Leanne Hannah” art book. As soon as this is ready I will invite those that want to support us to purchase a copy. This book is not a Star Wars book, though it features several Star Wars and BMS related pieces. The book will collect Leanne’s work across various pop culture icons, illustrated throughout the 2000s to the present. The idea is to give BMS readers and fans of Leanne’s work a way of supporting the BMS project financially, rather than simply donating. I hope this will give us the boost we need to get through the next few months.