Meet Lady Thalassa Tarkin, known since her first appearance in the 1978 newspaper strips by Russ Manning simply as Lady Tarkin. A member of the influential Motti family, she oversees their Megonite Moss mining facility on the planet Phelarion. Wilhuff Tarkin, perhaps a Captain or an Admiral when he met Thalassa, married into her family not for love but for their wealth and power. General Motti (Admiral Motti in the Expanded Universe) is Thalssa’s younger cousin and perhaps for this reason is Grand Moff Tarkin’s overzealous right hand man and Death Star supporter.

Lady Thalassa is not known to have ever visited her husband, the Grand Moff aboard the Death Star, but given our exploration of the character in the last couple of weeks it was too good an opportunity to miss. Is Lady Tarkin aware of her husband’s infidelity with Admiral Natasi Daala? Keep reading throughout this week and next to see how things develop for the Tarkins.

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