A bit of commentary on the 2004 Special Edition from one of those most affected by the revisions. 🙂 We will be hearing from the other wolfman on Monday. Arleil Schous, the Wolfman #1 was replaced by Melas although is still tucked away in a corner in a brief shot later in the scene. Read more at Wookiepedia.

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Also, as we are starting a new semi-original series of BMS that precedes The Empire Strikes Back, I’d like readers to understand our reasoning. While it lets us have fun with the Star Wars universe, it also fills what would otherwise have been a several month long hiatus. So, for those who are angsting for TESB, please read on…

Welcome to our diversion from the Trilogy for the next couple of months as we flesh out the events in-between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. We’re calling it The Interquel as it’s both a sequel and a prequel all at once. The Interquel will lead into The Boba Fett Cartoon parody and the Star Wars Holiday Special from whence it came. Due to our anticipation that some readers will be anxious for The Empire Strikes Back, we’re stepping up the number of strips per week. We’ll be updating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday again. That’s THREE times a week. This will last so long as the production pace can be maintained.

Before anyone complains, I need to clear the air. BMS is a joint effort between Leanne and myself. We both have full time day jobs. For the last year Leanne has been wrapped up with professional comic book illustration which has consumed all her available spare time. On the odd occasion she manages to sneak in a new BMS illustration, but not nearly as frequently as we’d both like. In the meantime I do my best to keep the strip on a regular schedule, even if it means I have to half-ass some of the art myself just to keep things going.

One of the reasons we are not rolling into The Empire Strikes Back just yet is that Leanne will not get the time to illustrate the new characters until she has finished her current project, Casper the Friendly Ghost. So, The Interquel buys us time, but more importantly, let’s us play with characters and scenes that did not fit into the ANH storyline. It also allows us to parody the hell out of The Holiday Special and Splinter of the Mind’s Eye– something I’ve intended to do since the beginning. So, what I’m saying is, this isn’t just about self indulgence on our part, it’s about keeping the gags running week to week rather than taking a several month long hiatus, and hopefully retaining something of our readership.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. Hopefully just following the characters on another adventure will be entertaining enough. Oh, we flatter ourselves with a statement like that, but hopefully those of you who have read the novel or the graphic novel will still enjoy the journey.

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