When I was a kid, it wasn’t that clear to me why the Cloud Cars were shooting at the Falcon as it approached Cloud City. Even though they were warning shots, it tended to be quickly forgotten and overshadowed by Lando’s apparent betrayal of his “friend” Han. The truth is, Lando and Han were indeed old buddies, and Lando did the best he could in the situation – better than many give him credit for. Chris Simmons, of Star Wars Facebook’d, one of the Lando’s biggest fans, explains it more succinctly than I can.

“To be fair, Lando did try to give Han some warnings. Having security take shots at the Falcon, and giving him a cold greeting on the platform was all Lando could really do. I’m sure he was being watched all of the time, but that didn’t stop him from keeping our heroes informed of what’s going down, rescuing Leia, and doing his best to catch up with Fett. Lando is the MAN!”

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Episode 5: Agents of Doom

Check out the final episode of I HATE EARTH. This has been a great series from comedian, and friend, Kevin Conn. The series was built around the masked character Beatrix Skullo, who was the evolution of one of Kevin’s earliest characters. I know it was an enormous amount of work, and involved the time and talent of many, coordinated and driven by Kevin’s creative passion. I think the end result has been a joy to watch and his most polished work to date.

So, congratulations on what, in my mind, has been a successful series of shorts. Here’s hoping for more, whether they are I HATE EARTH, or something entirely new.

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