We will be launching a series of podcasts sometime in the next few weeks. We’d like to involve the fans. You can send any questions or feedback to us by email bluemilkspecial@gmail.com Twitter or post them in reply to the discussion on our Facebook Fan Page. So get to it! We look forward to hearing from you!.

In the Star Wars Holiday Special the animated segment (which introduces Boba Fett) sets the rebels on an asteroid base in the middle of an asteroid field. We decided to take that a step further. Sure, you could stick it near Hoth, but that’s just not as interesting as the remnants of the Alderaan system. Well we thought so anyway. It will be about a month before we actually begin the parody of the Boba Fett cartoon, but before then you’ll get to see more of Little Alderaan as well as Boba Fett (prior to his first meeting with our heroes). We have a new voting incentive strip that will replace the old one very soon. If you haven’t voted you might want to do so before that strip vanishes.

Have you been following the Tarkin & Daala flashbacks? Here is the next episode in the series. When will Motti get a clue? Of course, we did kind of leave this one open to interpretation…

For the next three weeks Blue Milk Special will be updating five times a week + 3 Tarkin flashback strips. That’s 8 strips a week. That means you can check back every day of the week and get more BMS! If you missed it, here’s the Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday’s strips.

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