A quick note to all of our supporters on the SAVE BLUE MILK SPECIAL campaign. Thank you enormously for keeping this Web Comic project alive when Leanne and I needed it most. We will be starting work on the thank you commissions next week and hope to get everyone mailed out by mid July. If you have not received an email from me and you were a backer, then please contact me by clicking here ASAP so we can sort things out.

We thought it was time to remind readers that we haven’t forgotten about Biggs and Oola. As for Luke, killing the Rancor beast was not enough as he prepares for an Olympic dive into the belly of the mighty Sarlacc. If only Biggs could get his timing right for once and save his young friend! Oh well, looks like Skywalker will have to turn to Plan B, and no, that’s not calling on Paul Muad’Dib for help. That boat has sailed already (see last week).

To see the Biggs and Oola storyarc, click here.

On other fronts, we have GREAT news. The Voyage Trekkers movie has almost hit 100% of its funding goal with two weeks to spare. The more they can make above their goal, the greater the movie can be. Some of the rewards for backers include becoming an executive producers, being an extra and keeping the costume and gun prop, as well as a board game, DVDs and more! So, if you can put anything towards the campaign you will be a part of the project and the film in a way that is really special and personal.