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On April 15th, Richard LeParmentier passed away aged just 66. He portrayed the best known of the Death Star’s war room generals in the original 1977 classic. His death came as something of a shock to many of us who were unaware of any illness. His funeral is being held today in Texas.

LeParmentier gave Motti exactly what was needed onscreen, an arrogant, cocky upstart, bookish and conniving, outspoken and ambitious. For many audience members, myself included, Motti was one of the first characters of this type that I encountered as a child. I haven’t seen any of LeParmentier’s work outside of Star Wars, which I can’t help but feel is my loss. For example, how many Star Wars fans realize what a wealth of entertaining cinematic gems lie among Peter Cushing’s extensive body of work?

LeParmentier was interviewed by Jeremiah Michael Stewart for Retro Star Wars podcast last December and now seems a fitting time to listen to the man who was both gracious and good humored about his work in Star Wars.

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See if you can spot Richard LeParmentier in this Xbox Star Wars Kinect commercial!