It is one of the most famous lines from Star Wars, and just like “it’s a trap!”, it is notoriously overused as if its mere recital warrants cheers and high fives. But the more you hear something, the more of an eye roller it can become, especially when the person saying it thinks they are the first person to have thought to do so.

Such is the case with the 501st Legion’s Victoria B. from Virginia’s Tyranus Garrison. Her stormtrooper cosplay, TK 22879 is sharp and shiny and distinguished from most others in the TK designation by her height.

When I saw the small stormtrooper at Awesome Con, I thought better of saying Princess Leia’s line. I mean, that would have been too obvious, wouldn’t it? And talking to Vicky, I quickly learned she would get it shouted at her all the time. To the point that she actually came up with the idea for a “swear jar” where anyone who says the line to her has to add a dollar which will go to charity. I can’t think of a better way to respond to what has to be a really tiresome habit of goof balls at conventions and events.

Remember kids, quote responsibly!

This, of course, inspired today’s strip. TK 22879 seemed just the kind of outstanding and quirky character to bring the faceless legions of the empire to life alongside our TK 8008. So, I hope you all enjoy TK 8008’s new friend, and I promise she will be back for more.

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