Today’s strip is based on a scene from the movie that could be interpreted one or two ways. Artoo is whistling, like he usually does, and alerts Boba Fett… OR, Artoo is whistling to warn Luke. However, based on Artoo’s next action, I think it’s more likely the former. I can’t make an animated gif, but if you watch the film, at about 1 hour 38 minutes in Artoo starts dry humping Luke’s left leg. I don’t know what it is about Cloud City, but Artoo seems to enjoy plugging himself in a lot while he’s there. Nasty droids…

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! The American Turkey Day is the reason for the delay in this strip going live. We had to finish the Monday voting incentive as well as editing the latest episode of the podcast!

Blue Milk Special Podcast Episode 2!

November 21, 2012

Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes
Porkin’s mom
Star Wars VII writers, directors, cast
and plot
Evil twins

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Duration: 48:00