–EDIT: BMS would just like to point out that today’s webcomic was of course simply a gag based upon placing a Star Wars character in an absurd situation for some typical silly humor. In this case, Oola performing the Miley Cyrus dance. It was absolutely not a comparison between Oola, her wonderful actress Femi Taylor , or Miley Cyrus. Yes, I’m serious about this as offense has been taken where none was intended. I thought the fact it was a silly gag was clear. Oola isn’t going to be swinging naked from a wrecking ball anytime soon! Please don’t look at this the wrong way. The last thing we want from doing a strip is for an actor or crew member from Star Wars to feel we have any malicious intent with our simple parody of the films. END EDIT–

Sorry for the delay. I had another procedure last week. I’ve not been myself. Really run down. I need some of that Lapti Nek juice that Oola must be drinking in today’s strip! I hope Oola doesn’t lose her appeal after this…

1507671_10152067072199752_1737643368_nCharles Wright, CO of the Rebel Legion’s Terrapin base, serving the Maryland region, let me know that the Baltimore Zoo is running a competition to name their two new lion cubs. With your vote, we have a very good shot at naming these two cubs Luke and Leia. You can vote here (you can vote once per day!)

I hope to have another strip up mid or late next week. Until then… stay forcey!