Grab a seat! Boba Fett is stepping into the ring, baby! Luke Skywalker better watch his ass, because Boba Fett, Jedi slayer is about to bring it! Blah blah blah. Enjoy, because this is the penultimate Boba Fett appearance in BMS. No really! This time it really is the second to last strip. And oh my god, it nearly didn’t get finished on time!

rod injuredLeanne’s laptop DIED tonight before we’d been able to do the art for the last panel. Now, having a laptop die is a fairly massive event on its own and another good example of how expensive a webcomic can suddenly become. So thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the SAVE BLUE MILK SPECIAL WEBCOMIC CAMPAIGN as this will help with this sudden and unexpected expense. The other hindrance has been my arms and hands. The physical therapy has been really pushing my nerve pain lately and I’ve tried to make adjustments but I could hardly type this tonight, let alone complete the coloring and editing.

Next week there will be only one strip. A BIG ONE. The end of Boba Fett. It will be published on Tuesday instead of Monday to mark the first day of the month. So make sure to check in on Tuesday for the latest BMS Forciness.

Here’s our final shout out to the Voyage Trekkers Movie. We want our readers to know about this great comedy webseries about the worst star ship crew in the galaxy. We love it so much, we made some crossover BMS promotional webcomics about Voyage Trekkers and made an exclusive series called Voyage Trekkers Adventures. It’s our hope that infrequent visitors won’t miss our plug of this great show produced by these talented sci-fi fans out of their own time and money.

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Here’s one of the 9 strips we produced. Click on it to view it at full size.