Always pack spare underwear and never trust anyone who says they don’t wear any. The confused voice in today’s strip is Delenn from Babylon 5, in the purple White Star space cruiser. It just seemed like the sort of thing Delenn would not know about and ask just to make Sheridan uncomfortable.

An interesting side fact that ties into this strip and we have discussed in the past is that Carrie Fisher was told by George Lucas that they don’t wear underwear in space:

“Apparently Carrie Fisher didn’t wear a bra while in the Princess Leia senator gown. She was told “they don’t have bras in space!”. Ha hah! Good one George. But seriously, they apparently taped her *ahem* chest down, otherwise running around the Death Star would no doubt have been painful!”

You can check out this strip to see a couple of times we have referenced the idea. Strip 1 and Strip 2.

The other day, Mark Hamill posted the following picture on his Twitter account. So, Leanne tweeted him the pic of our Sith Training strip from our Empire Strikes Back parody. She squealed when she saw the notification on her phone that he had favorited it. So, Mark Hamill has definitely seen, and liked Blue Milk Special. @-_,-@



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