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Today’s strip was done at the last minute. I mean right to the wire. It’s almost midnight as I type this. We hope you missed Vader during his long absence from the strip. He’s back and this time he’s bringing with him a new catchphrase. Well, not in this strip. Slurrrrp doesn’t really cut it. Or does it? I don’t know. Anyway, we have some BMS Vader goodness lined up in the next couple of weeks so keep reading! Also, keep voting. We need daily votes to lick this TopWebComics thing.

It has been pointed out to me by several very astute readers that TIE Fighters are incapable of long range travel ie hyperspace. This puts another layer of humor and absurdity into today’s strip that was not foreseen when we came up with this one. Look for this very issue to be addressed in an upcoming strip.

I’ll leave the subtle reference in this strip for you guys to point out and discuss. It’s a sci-fi three way! Also, hope you guys like the reappearance of the TIE Pilot. That one was all me. No Leanne! I want to thank Geoffrey Padilla once again for his work in pulling together the spacecraft that we make extensive use of in these strips. Thanks Geoff. This comic would be much cheaper without you!

By the way, my name is Rod…. with a “d”. Not Rob. Just sayin’. 😉