You know the Princess is just stalling because she’s a little nervous. Well, this week we promise it will be a week of Han and Leia intimacy. Those new dresses never stay on long. 😉 BTW, July is almost over, so vote your little (or big, I won’t discriminate) asses off for us at Top Web Comics. Thank you, kind readers.

And well, well, well… what do we have here? A Blue Milk Special review over at novelist, J.P. Marshman’s blog! Thanks so much for the kind words, J.P. We hope you continue to enjoy the rest of Empire Strikes Back as the impending high drama nears. And just a note, J.P. Marshman’s fantasy novels might be of interest to our readers. Two fantasy novels Of The Arbour and Changeling both sound fresh and compelling. You can read their synopsis over at J.P’s site.

Leanne and I had an eye opener at Otakon this weekend. We drove up to Baltimore to check out the show that has been on our doorstep for many years and is the second largest anime convention in the country. It’s much larger than Baltimore Comic Con, filling the entire Baltimore Convention Center including Hotel halls. In fact, it was so cram-packed full of attendees that we actually missed being behind a table! The Artist Alley was enormous and as large as we have ever seen it at New York Comic Con. San Diego Comic Con’s Artist Alley was laughable last time we were there.

The difference between Artist Alley at a comic convention and an anime convention is very obvious to the eye. At an anime show there are a lot more amateurs, essentially readers who love to draw, or produce their own online or print mangas. There are also a lot of Deviantart artists among them. The Artist Alley tables tend to smother their stands with prints and pinups for sale, displayed right up against the 6′ foot long table, leaving only a tiny window through which you might just be able to see the artist. Quite an alien way of setting up a table from our comic convention point of view. But that’s not a bad thing. The vitality to be found in Otakon’s Artist Alley is amazing and their hall stays open until 10pm, well after the dealer room closes. From what we have heard from artists, they have had a lot of success. We will almost definitely be setting up a table at Otakon 2013. BMS should be in ROTJ mode by then. So come see us and get a slave Leia sketch, or come see us at Baltimore Comic Con in September THIS year and get one early! 😉

A L E R T ! ! ! !

I want to reach out to any of our readers who might be familiar with Roger Slifer and his work. He was a Marvel AND a DC editor for a time, created the character Lobo and was instrumental in the original animated shows for Transformers, Jem, My Little Pony, Conan: The Adventurer, Bucky O’Hare, Yu-Gi-Oh! and many others, both as a producer and script writer. He has been in critical condition for the last month…

In June he was hit by a car while walking home in Santa Monica. The driver fled the scene, leaving Roger seriously injured with many broken bones and head injuries. Part of his skull had to be removed and he was placed in an induced coma at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He has remained in this coma and the non-profit HERO Initiative is fundraising to help his legal case and medical care. You might not know anything about his work, but if you feel moved to join me in donating I am sure he, and his family, would be deeply grateful for your kindness. Several of the projects Slifer was involved with brought me hours of entertainment in my youth, several of the episodes he wrote were among the most poignant and moving. What has happened to him disgusts and upsets me. I hope he will pull through. Click here to visit the HERO Initiative to learn more and how you can help and share a little Forciness.

I have another surgery on Tuesday. Nothing major. In and out. Still, and probably indefinitely, dealing with neurological pain in my arms, hands and neck. Not stopping myself and Leanne bringing you more BMS though, so don’t worry.

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