Thanks to one of our regular readers, Jay for emailing us with the suggestion we do something with the bizarre caricature of Harrison Ford as seen in the Star Wars Holiday Special cartoon segment. Jay suggested that this depiction of Han Solo looked uncannily like Steven Tyler. We think he’s right! This is one of the rare occasions where we’ve been handed a punchline by a reader and worked it into the storyline. We certainly won’t turn down reader suggestions, though we ask you do as Jay did and email us privately so as not to spoil anything for the readers.

Oh and Kraygar, if you’re reading this, your earlier comment about the Little Alderaan character is being held for now as it is the punchline of one of our as yet unpublished Interquel strips.

This strip also offers a lame and unconvincing explanation for why Han Solo looks so messed up in the adventure. Its some weird side-effect of the talisman! There you go! BMS is contributing to the geeky desire of all fans to add to the bloated Star Wars expanded universe by reconciling every last anomaly.

Don’t forget there is a new incentive strip added just last week. I don’t often comment on our rank, but at the time of typing we’re sitting at number 31 which is the highest we’ve ever been. Voting daily can be tedious and we thank those that continue to support us in this way. The exposure that it gives us means a lot. 🙂

Also, just a forewarning, I’m not sure we’re going to be able to manage 5 strips this week. We may finally break down and miss the odd day. We will continue to do our best to keep you entertained as frequently as possible.

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Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special animated short below, courtesy of YouTube.

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