When Gene Roddenberry marshaled together the team that would bring us Star Trek, one of the most iconic images that would emerge from the series was the Star Fleet logo. It has become a pop culture icon and even graces Darth Vader’s latte mug in Blue Milk Special. Much less known is the Blake’s 7 Federation logo, from 1978. Both shows brought us a galaxy governed, in part, by a powerful federation. The similarity between the logos from the two series are where the comparisons end.

Star-trek-logo-png-5515 sticker,375x360

Terry Nation, the creator of Blake’s 7 took the idea of a benevolent democracy of worlds and turned it on its head. The Federation of Blake’s world were entirely Terran in nature and an oppressive communist empire. The air in the habitation domes was drugged to keep the populace passive and free-thinkers were tortured, brainwashed or killed. The soldiers of this Federation were not generic men in Red Shirts, but faceless black-clad shock troopers wearing gas-masks. The show ran for 4 seasons and was full of dark politics that the Empire from Star Wars would love to adopt.

One of the worst things they did to Blake, leader of a resistance movement prior to the beginning of the series, was to brainwash him into turning on his friends, denouncing the freedom party and becoming a model citizen. By the end of the very first episode, after recovering most of his blocked memories, he is publicly framed as a child molester and sentenced to a penal planet where he will be conveniently disposed off out of the public eye. This was pretty good stuff for 1977 sci-fi.

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