So, if Mon Mothma can call in help from outside the Star Wars universe, then so can the Emperor. After all, we have a few villains who are wondering where their meddling heroes have gone off to. Can you pick them all out?

Almost everything you see online these days to do with pop culture is out of control consumerism. Sure, there are a lot of cool geeky Star Wars items, but the geeky product industry has exploded in the last couple of years and there is a lot of crap mixed in with the good. In fact, you could probably just about drown in Star Wars, Avengers, and “insert name of franchise here* products. Even the games are so far removed from what Star Wars originally was that I seldom have any interest in them. Sometimes the best stuff doesn’t come from big professional manufacturers or studios, but from the fans…


If you haven’t already seen the video for the Star Wars VR Experience, then stop what you’re doing and watch it! The potential game has been put together by fans using the Unreal Engine, and will be using Oculus Rift to provide a Virtual Reality experience. Most deliciously, this seems to be focusing on the Original Trilogy. I was blown away by the teaser trailer for the game.


This looks superior and feels more like Star Wars than most licensed professional game studios have turned out. The trailer alone, captured the feel and the chills of Star Wars, not just with John Williams incredible music, or the sound clips, but the way the game plans to immerse you into the most exciting moments from the glorious Original Trilogy.


Experience the Trench Run with Virtual Reality head gear via Oculus Rift, coming out in 2016.


Fight chicken walkers on Endor!


Stick a tooth pick in the Rancor’s mouth!


Kill biker scouts, before a tree kills you first!


I hope things work out for the games designers, Rob McLellan, Craig Stiff, and the team at HammerheadVR. They certainly understand the magic of Star Wars and should get a shot at completing this project. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Authentic Dragon Ball Z Sneakers/Shoes TRUNKS size 26

tumblr_nip0z89VtB1rb1rgoo4_500I’m trying to sell a pair of Dragon Ball Z “Trunks” shoes that I bought for Leanne but ended up being a size too small. The shoes are brand new, unworn, with box and inserts. These are only available in Mexico and manufactured under official license from Toei Animation by Heredia Clothing. Because of their exclusivity, they are hard to come by outside of Mexico. Less than a handful can be found on eBay, including our listing. I’m offering free domestic shipping.

These were Leanne’s birthday present. Money raised from this sale will go toward buying her another pair in the correct size. So, help yourself, and Leanne out. Or pass this along to the Dragon Ball Z fan in your life. Click here for the listing on eBay.