Welcome to our special bonus BMS extra time. It’s a little story called The Darklighter Chronicles, which picks up where we left Biggs and Oola, braving the elements of Tattooine’s scorched surface under twin molten suns. Our Patreon supporters have already seen the entire first Chapter of The Darklighter Chronicles, but we will now be running the series for all to see on this website as a warm up to Heir to the Empire. Depending on the support and feedback, it will help us make our decision on the future direction of BMS.

When last we saw Darklighter and Oola the Liberated Twi’Lek, they were braving the Dune Sea, seeking shelter and sustenance, the latter of which came from the marshmallows of the Tusken Raiders. Click here to view. Now they have reached a canyon overlooking the Jundland Wastes. Will Biggs and Oola survive the daring swing across the chasm with a magically unattached rope?

Well of course they will. Hasn’t anyone seen the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon? I always thought there had to be an off-screen helicopter he had webbed, because he sure as hell wasn’t using any buildings. Just look at the final shot of the opening sequence!

Anyway, you all know that Biggs and Oola will be okay. It would be pretty lame if we killed them in the first strip of their new spin-off!

Are you a Doctor Who fan? Or is a special person in your life a Doctor Who fan? Well, we are offering up every single strip in which the Doctor Who universe crossed into Blue Milk Special. This unique auction features 12 Whovian / Star Warsian melds that occurred from 2009-2016. The set of BMS webcomic prints includes the fan favorite “I Said Don’t Touch Anything!” We are also including an 11×17″ glossy print of Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.

This set is a one of a kind and offered here to one lucky fan to help support the project. Why are we selling our own collection? BMS exists thanks to the support we receive from readers, helping us balance our evenings and weekends spent drawing and hoping to earn a giggle. BMS is produced at our own expense and not published in any collected, mass-produced form. To keep going, we have to raise funds to support website costs and updates / maintenance, disasters, etc, somehow. So spoil yourself, and help the comic at the same time! Especially if you are looking forward to where BMS goes from here.

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