Dune__Drive_the_sandworm_by_leywadThere is something in the Dune Sea that is worse than a Krayt Dragon. Worse even than the great Sarlacc in the Pit of Carkoon. Kevin Bacon, Betelgeuse and Paul Maud’dib all know one should never underestimate a sand worm. Apparently, Paul got confused about which Emperor he was fighting and got lost on his way to beat on House Harkonen. Will Luke be able to make the most of this bizarre crossover? Come back on Friday to find out!

For those unfamiliar with Dune, the picture on the right by DeviantArt artist Leywad gives a good image of one of the coolest moments from the ‘film’ or ‘book’. I’m not quite what I would consider a fan of the book series or the film, although I like some of the ideas, actors and visuals from the film. I was also an addict of the Dune 2 real time strategy game which was only loosely inspired by the book series.


I had a 9 panel monstrosity of a strip just about complete after 5 hours of work (completely different punchline and not featuring any reference for Dune), when I realized I was over complicating things and needed to ditch everything. So, I did. And thanks to Leanne’s enthusiasm for the Dune crossover idea I pitched to her, we turned this one out just a few moments before our midnight deadline. Weird how these things happen. I do think the strip I had been working on earlier would have left nearly all our readers nonplussed.

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