The final in the fly on the window TESB teaser series. Next week will feature the BMS debut of the ice planet Hoth. Hope you like our nice new establishing shots of the Imperial Fleet. This may become the new default format for the rest of the TESB parody. We have Geoffrey Padilla to thank, as usual, for the awesome CGI ship model exports with a few touch ups of my own.

The results are in and they speak for themselves. Answer 1 and 2 are essentially the same answer just phrased differently and they got the most votes by far. Coming in third place was the theory that Lucas deliberately made the change just so that he could give fuel to parodies like BMS. Once again, BMS fans prove they have a great sense of humor. We love you guys!

Now, what’s your opinion on the new poll? We want to know which new character’s debut (in BMS) you are looking forward to the most in our Empire Strikes Back parody.

Below you will find a new batch of BMS paper milk carton templates provided by our BMSketeer papersmith, T. Gatto. This time he brings you the Emperor, Obi-Wan Kenobi and a cameo from Neil Baker’s “Turning to the Dork Side” webcomic, Salacious Crumb.

Next week we will see the Milk Carton debut of Captain Grammel (that splits down the middle) and one of the retarded Yuzzem from Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. We will also debut a series of BMS Milk Carton webcomics created, once again, by T. Gatto.

You can view all of the BMS Milk Cartons so far on our Downloads page.

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