Some pretty gosh darned exciting announcements. Last year we attended Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC and Baltimore Comic Con. This year we were iffy about doing anymore shows other than our semi-local show in Baltimore. However, we just heard back from NYCC and we have been offered one of the few spaces in Artist Alley, thanks to Leanne’s application. Mine was rejected, as was our good buddy, Kevin Conn’s. So, BMS will be in attendance at both Baltimore Comic Con (August 28-29) and New York Comic Con (Oct 8-10).

This will be the first time we will be attending a show with a semblance of a following behind us, as our previous appearances were made before we really started promoting the webcomic. We will also have some gift items with the BMS characters and gimmicks. Perhaps badges, pins, bumper stickers, that sort of thing. Anyone have any suggestions as to what they would be willing to buy? All sales will go towards deferring the expenses of attending these shows… hence the ‘non profit’. We’d like it to be a non-loss too, but that’s too much to hope for.

Leanne will be doing commissions, but you’ll have to get in early as she can only do so many per day and in the past it hasn’t been fun getting back to our hotel room and having to spend some or most of that evening finishing commissions when we could be out with friends. 😀

We would also like to put a call out to Star Wars costumers (and cosplayers in general) who would like to volunteer to help us hand out our glossy Blue Milk Special promotional postcards (with some original BMS art and directions to find us at the show). We normally print a box full for a show and we stick them on the freebie table at the entrance but throughout the day they just get buried by other peoples flyers. Actually handing them out, particularly in costume would go a lot further to actually spreading the work, or even helping direct Star Wars fans to our, most likely, difficult to find table. We’d really like the shows to go over well so we’d love any help anyone is willing to give us. Just shoot us an email (see the contact tab up top).

We don’t know if we will ever get to attend Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, but if any cosplayers or readers will be in attendance and would be willing to help us get our promo cards on the freebie tables that would also be a huge help towards increasing BMS awareness. 😉

Thought I’d repeat our promotion for Star Wars: Age 9 site relaunch below.

Remember John White, the creator of the StarWarsAge9 webcomic? John is one of our webcomic brothers-in-arms. I like to think of BMS and SWA9 as good neighbors. When John was 9 years old (back around 1979 or so) he put pen to paper and made his own comic book adaptation of the Star Wars movie. He is now sharing those often unintentionally humorous pages from his old journals with the world via his website, which he only recently relaunched with a new website. You can now leave comments for each page as well as enjoy all the old features like John’s excellent blog, which I highly recommend, and of course his contemporary commentary on the works of his younger self. Always something to smile at, so check it out three times each week on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays! You can join the Facebook page for updates and further discussion. I encourage you to also take a moment to show your appreciation for his efforts by voting for him as often as you can! It all helps increase exposure. 🙂

Are you new to BMS? If so, then you can start reading this webcomic from the beginning by clicking here.

Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special animated short below, courtesy of YouTube.

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