For the next few weeks we will be running a series of flashback strips as a bonus to each new strip. Yeah, that’s right, six strips a week! The flashbacks tell the story of Grand Moff Tarkin’s activities on the Death Star prior to his first scenes in the movie and will involve a surprise guest as the story unfolds. The first of this series of flashbacks has been uploaded and back dated to May 6th, 2009 to keep it inside the strip continuity for new readers. You can view it below.

The Wolfman’s Plea

Concerning today’s strip… George ACTUALLY did this. The cantina alien replacement is called Ketwol and is so short that he wears stilts to give him a more ‘human’ height. I actually think the overal look of Ketwol (sans the stilts) fits really well in Star Wars AND I can see Lucas’ point of view. Back in the day he was pressured for both time and money and had to fill the cantina scene with as many aliens and monsters as possible. This resulted in some werewolf masks literally being taken off the shelf from other projects and thrown into the scene. Click here for the Wookiepedia article.

Now, in a perfect world, George would have had time to approve all the creature designs and have them made before shooting, so I can understand his desire to go back and do it now (after the film is done), but part of what made Star Wars what it is are the quirks. That’s what makes it extra special. The werewolf guys may have looked out of place in some ways, but the fact was that for twenty years THEY WERE THERE. We shaped our understanding of the Star Wars universe around the crazy mix of creatures that inhabited it. Now, both Lak Sivrak and Arleil Schous are effectively erased from official canon.

We don’t live in a perfect world, and although George might try to, given the freedom of his fortune, constantly fiddling with his classics will never truly satisfy him as a perfectionist. He denies fans a DVD release of a restored Original Theatrical cut because he personally doesn’t like those versions. But, those versions were what made motion picture history and put him where he is today. Those original films, with all their flaws, are classics. They should be given the same respect with a restoration and release as any other classic movie. As Arleil said in our strip last Friday, George needs to get over himself and accept that his films deserve preservation as part of our cultural history.

–EDIT 6.1.10
Sorry about the confusion. I do own the 2004 DVD which came with the Original Trilogy unedited and unrestored. The point I was trying to make is that while these are indeed the original theatrical cuts, sans all the CGI, the way they look on the DVDs is not how it looked in the theater. The quality was much better back then because the film had not deteriorated. Usually, films like this, with the resources of Lucasfilm would get cleaned and restored (I’m not talking about CGI, I’m just talking about cleaning and treating the film for its own preservation). The originals have continued to deteriorate with time and that’s what we now have on DVD.

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