As I mentioned last time, along with my GoFundMe campaign, I am starting to auction off my action figure collection to raise money to help pay my medical expenses. The first wave of auctions are now up on eBay and will end on January 23 / 24. I’m holding onto my Star Wars stuff for now, but I have a number of Doctor Who action figures that are looking for a new home right now. If you know ANYONE who would be interested, please pass along this message as the more I can raise, the better.

1526535_10151936197023992_512994866_nI have been dealing with degenerative disc disease for the last four and a half years which started with a herniation, and annular tear of one of my cervical discs in my neck. The nerve pain extends down both arms and numerous procedures, both major and minor surgeries have not taken away the pain. It has begun to severely impact my day job, sleep, social life and mobility. When Leanne was hit by the furlough, we lost 10 days of pay, and as she is a contractor, not a government worker, we never got that money back. Long story short, I have to part with some of my treasures to keep us afloat. I’m in no rush to sell off my custom Star Wars figures, but I can make room on my Doctor Who selves with your help.

So here are the first set of auctions. If these sell well, then more will follow. And hopefully Blue Milk Special will continue unabated as its one of my favorite diversions. So, I hope to hear from you guys next update.

IMG_3364Custom Necros Dalek Army with Davros and Dalek Jailers

IMG_3341Necros 6th Doctor in Blue Cloak, with companion Peri and enemy Sil

IMG_33822x Ice Warriors from 2nd and 3rd Doctor Eras

IMG_3378MOC Cravex from Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light, as voiced by 80s animation legend Chris Latta


IMG_3358Earthshock Cyberman army

IMG_3335Pyramids of Mars Guardian Mummies

More next week!