I think it’s a legitimate observation that Padme pretty much compromised humanity for love. That makes her pretty believable, but not particularly admirable.

There shouldn’t be much difference whether it was Tusken Raider mothers and children murdered, or Youngling Jedis murdered, she essentially just gave Anakin a hug after the Tusken massacre. The reaction was like someone finding out their boyfriend has a drinking problem and giving him a supportive cuddle. That is not appropriate for murder, or child murder.

I don’t want to get too dark here with real world comparisons, but the point of the strip is to acknowledge Padme’s weakness, not only as a character, but as a heroine. Certainly not role model material for the family oriented film. Heck, she died on the hospital bed because she had lost the will to go on living. Having two new born children to live for wasn’t enough. Weak character.