The poll asking “Was Lando trying to warn Han?” has ended and the majority of you voted a resounding “yes!” We hope BMS helped contribute a fresh perspective on the often misjudged Lando Calrissian, but even I acknowledge the character’s actions are open to interpretation. We have just started a new poll asking whether you guys want to see a Blue Milk Special parody of Shadows of the Empire. This would fit in after Empire Strikes Back is concluded and before Return of the Jedi kicks off. You can help us make a decision by casting your vote.

Please take a moment to check out the new “Star Wars” theme over at the Blue Milk Special Forum. It is a new, casual, forum for BMS readers and Star Wars fans to interact, share thoughts and make new friends. We would love you to join us to discuss not only Star Wars, but the many interests we may share. Have ideas on what you’d like to see BMS parody? Register, login, and share your thoughts.

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