First, an apology for updating the BMS Twitter and Facebook regarding a hiatus for the strip only to forget about making an announcement here on the site. I didn’t want the hiatus to be so long. I didn’t want a hiatus at all. But, suffering from PVD (Post Vacation Depression) along with work overload has made it tough to focus on anything. Meanwhile, Leanne has been too swamped with art projects to work on new material, meaning that BMS was not our main priority. We’re not really through the mess yet, but we are hoping to have a couple of strips ready for next week and then, hopefully returning to a regular schedule for the remaining 13 or so strips that make up the remainder of our ANH story arc.

We will be taking a month long break after we complete ANH and we will be returning with a mix of mini-story arcs as well as parodying the interlinking material like The Holiday Special and the Alan Dean Foster novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. In the meantime, please keep letting us know you like the strip. The reason BMS came back today is largely thanks to Paul Smith, one of our readers, who sent me a very nice email this morning. Thanks Paul.

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