PennydreadfulandgarouWe went through a little drama with Oola’s “Miley dance” a few strips ago, owing to a very protective fan club. We never knew EXACTLY what Jabba was saying to her in this scene in the film. It was never subtitled in English. So, now you know just what he was demanding from her and why she chose to die. You’re welcome. 😉

Friend and television horror host, Penny Dreadful XIII, better known to us as Danielle Gelehrter, needs our help. Her husband is in a major battle with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment. We have donated a number of toys to be auctioned as well as financial donations to help support their GoFundMe goal. If any one out there can spare a little love in 2014 for this great cause, please join us in doing so. See right. And thank you.