Merry Jinglemas… or should I say Feliz Natal?

Blue Milk Special is now available in Portuguese! Brazilian Portuguese! A very big thank you to Mih Paese for undertaking the epic task of translating more than 450 Blue Milk Special strips. With all our English language quirks that can not be easy! Please check out the new translation hosted at the Brazilian pop culture site, A Toca do Hutt. If you have friends who speak Portuguese please pass the link along to them and help Blue Milk Special reach new readers across the world.

Thanks to today’s special guest, Wilrow Hood, better known as the Ice Cream guy, is a background character who runs by Lando, Leia and Chewie with other panicking Bespin citizens and workers. He got the name Ice Cream guy because of what looks like an ice cream vat under his arm. As usual, Hasbro is willing to make a toy out of anything that appeared in the movies, in this case scraping the bottom of the ice cream barrel by making one of Mr. Wilrow Hood. And, of course, the Expanded Universe has been sure to name this porky ice cream seller and give him a back story. Interestingly, there’s a cone head alien who runs past in a blur who I don’t believe has ever been named. I don’t think there’s even an still photos of this guy. Perhaps he makes the cones for Wilrow? I know, that was really lame. Moving on…

This strip really should have taken place before we had Lando, Leia and Han find Mal on the WRONG Platform, so once next Friday’s strip goes up I’ll shuffle things around to put things into better chronological order. I’m in a hell of a rush, as Kevin and Andreas are coming over for a special New Years Eve recording of the Blue Milk Special Podcast that will be a Holiday Special… Yes… a Holiday Special. Think about that. What could that mean for the episode? Are we brave enough? Alcohol will be served to lessen the pain.