MadineHS-ROTJGeneral Madine makes his, or her debut in today’s strip. The idea started when I noticed Madine is wearing lipstick in all of his scenes during Return of the Jedi. Suddenly, I pictured Eddie Izzard in the role of the defected Rebel General. It doesn’t help that his name sounds a lot like Nadine. And that’s really all there is to this one. He’s a conservative transvestite in the BMS universe.

Here’s a little bit about Nadine… er, Madine. He originally played a larger part in the Battle over Endor. Many of Ackbar’s scenes commanding the Home One battlecruiser were originally shot with Madine in the captain’s seat, including some of Ackbar’s best remembered lines. For some reason, Madine got the shaft and Ackbar was the beneficiary (bene-fishery?). Some of these deleted scenes on the Star Wars blu-ray discs include Madine’s brief alternate universe stint as pseudo admiral. I like to look at it as Madine being the commander of one of the other Mon Calamari cruisers… perhaps even the one the Death Star destroyed, if you ignore EU canon, which Disney likes to do anyway. ;-)

The other thing about Madine, from the EU at least, is that he was an Imperial officer who defected to the Rebel cause, as addressed in this strip. I don’t remember what it was exactly that caused his defection, but in the BMS universe at least, you have the reason. Or it could just be that the Rebels are more tolerant and open-minded?

There’s just something about him. Leanne thinks he looks like a serial killer. Personally, I just think it’s the lipstick and that sad look in his eyes… like he’s seen it all. Perhaps Madine has experienced the American Health Care system? The punchline actually ties into my recent experiences…