One of the odd things about the Minbari in Babylon 5 is that in order to marry someone, you must spend the night watching the fiance sleep. Delenn springs this weird custom on a surprised Sheridan during the series and I always thought it was a little creepy. I’m just saying, if Leanne sat up watching me sleep all night, she’d see me with my mouth open and drooling on the pillow… not to mention my notoriously wild caveman bed head. Not sure I’d qualify for life partnership based on the Minbari Sleep Exam.

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1st DOCTOR Who Exclusive B&W Action Figure William Hartnell

2nd DOCTOR Who Exclusive B&W Action Figure Patrick Troughton

I also have some Aliens odds and ends left that you, or someone you know, might appreciate owning. Oh and a Paul McGann 8th Doctor. Yay!

8th DOCTOR Who Paul McGann Action Figure

ALIEN AVP + HICKS DRAKE parts SNAP KIT Aliens vs Predator action figures lot