Welcome to the first part of the Wedge Antilles Dilemma, or “WAD” part 1. Given that today is Halloween it seems appropriate for a horde of rabid fan girls (and boys) to have gained access to Home One and be stalking our hero, Wedge Antilles. How did fan girls get aboard? What horror lies ahead? Happy Halloween everyone!

10646683_10152501006288992_1358533139085438281_nIn other news, this is one of the longest breaks we’ve had between updates in a long time. Despite our trip to Germany, where we actually were ahead on strips, it was the flu that knocked us for six (hit us out of the park?) upon our return to the U.S. of A. I was a mess the whole time in Germany but tried to soldier on and make the best of it. By the time we got back home I was showing no signs of improvement. I’m now four weeks into this malady but not getting worse at least, and showing some signs of recovery. Leanne on the other hand started to get hit with the worst of it around the time I was improving. The result is that BMS was without its colorist / compositionist and then without its lead artist for the last two weeks. Despite our best intentions to keep BMS going without interruption, the Force simply was not willing.

Anyway, whatever. All I can say is that we can not really promise or guarantee an update schedule. I’d like to leave this strip up for a few days so people who have kind of stopped checking regularly get a good chance to see it, and Leanne and I buy time. We have a couple more strips dealing with the WAD emergency, and then we have probably the most EPIC panels we’ve ever drawn ahead of us. Remember those panels where Leia is briefing the Hoth pilots? Or the panels where General Dodonna is briefing the Yavin Rebels? Well, the Rebel Fleet briefing scene aboard the Mon Calamari battlecruiser Home One, will be our most massive and complex Blue Milk Special art EVER. It will literally take us a couple of weeks to pull all that is needed together for the sequence of strips set during this scene. Which means, if we have to pace ourselves and deliver just one strip per week for the WAD tangent, then so-be-it. But I hope readers will agree it will be worth the wait.

hippoWhat’s really important is that our children’s storybook, Hickory Hippo is now in stock. The shipment arrived (not without some scary drama) and is available for immediate purchase and shipping to our supporters. I have an article up on the Hickory Hippo website detailing the drama that occurred while we were out of the country. If you have kids, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, or know friends who would like a warm children’s story in time for Christmas, then please help us meet our minimum goal of selling 100 copies. See our website for details. Also, if you purchase from Amazon.com then please write us a kind review. We’d like to get a minimum of 5 reviews to help promote the book and we need your help to do that.