“And it seems to me, that Boba lived his life, like a candle in the wind…” Elton John.

Yarna, or as Leanne and I nicknamed her, “Sixtits” was the cause of a fight between Lando and Boba Fett a few strips back here. It seems she at least wanted to pay her respects to the bounty hunter. Did she love him? Did he love her? I can’t answer that. All I can say is such a relationship would undoubtedly be a handful. Lots of handfuls.

Meanwhile, back on Earth. Our poll results are up for “Which movie are you looking forward to the most?”


It turns out that 64% of you want a Blue Milk Special movie more than you want Star Wars Episode VII. “Ahem… Disney… LucasFilm…” Thanks, guys. I promise you, if it could be made, it would be even better than the strips. Which, let’s be honest, wouldn’t be that hard. ;-)


Oh, and check out this giant sinkhole in Siberia. Very Sarlacc.

Thanks to all the military experts who have contacted me regarding my book project. I should be good at this point thanks to those that have replied. I’ll make an announcement here on this blog in the near future if there are any other areas I need advice in. If you’re a professional astronomer, shoot me an email. I want to talk about Messier 67. Also, readers, please check out our latest poll. Let us know what alien species in Star Wars is your favorite. My apologies for such a specist poll. We’re not politically correct, I guess.


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