Hope you all remember Kirk and Khan’s appearances in BMS so far. Here are some of them: Kirk 1, Kirk 2, Kirk 3, Kirk 4, Khan, and most recently My eyes are up here!

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Survivors Series 1 and 2 – 2 DVD sets 8 discs + 2 booklets BBC sci-fi classic Region 2.

The amazing, ahead-of-its-time BBC science fiction series, Survivors was created by Terry Nation and told the story of an apocalyptic pandemic and the struggling remnants of humanity fighting to uphold modern values in an increasingly brutal and tribalistic world. The character conflict and moral dilemmas give this series and HBO quality of writing that still stands the test of time.

Back in the early days of our friend Robert Kirkman’s career as a comic book writer, he had just begun working on The Walking Dead. I recommended Survivors to him for the character dynamics that drove the show. Even though Survivors lacks zombies and sci-fi fantasy, its emphasis on how communities and individuals survive and rebuild after a break down of society is compelling viewing. It has one of the most powerful moral dilemmas I’ve ever seen on television in Episode 9 – Law and Order, but that would be a big spoiler and needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. If you like the grit of HBO shows then I recommend Survivors, but if you like the lighter side of fantasy and sci-fi, this series may be too harsh.

On offer here are Series 1 & 2 DVD sets, totaling 8 discs + 2 detailed behind-the-scenes booklets. DVDs are REGION 2 only, but USA buyers can watch with a multi-region DVD player, or via computer, and can even rip with the free MakeMKV app should you want to digitize for your collection.

Both sets are in very good condition. From a smoke free home. Discs are in great condition. This is a great deal to collect series 1 and 2. I highly recommend checking out this show or rediscovering it and adding it to your classic sci-fi collection.


15 CLASSIC MOVIES! including special editions on 14 dvds! huge lot! Region 1 – This auction is for 14 DVDs, including one double feature for a 15 movie collection including many special editions (see list). Cases, covers, and discs are in great condition unless otherwise noted. From a smoke free home. Discs are region 1.


CLASSIC TV DVD Region 1 Massive lot of 5 shows and 18 discs – The Avengers, Blackadder, Sopranos, CSI Crime Scene Investigation and Outlaw Star. Totalling 18 discs. This collection includes one of my favorite comedy shows, Blackadder, and one of my favorite classic TV shows, the Avengers, which I strongly recommend to anyone with a love of retro goodness. Cases, covers and discs are in great condition, region 1. Excellent price, great cult series.

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