Mal and Kaylee talk it out and discover a BMS truth.

We have two auctions I want to draw your attention to. The first ends on Sunday night EST. We are selling a Darth Maul vinyl statue painted by Leanne in 1998. You also get a MOC Darth Maul action figure with comtech chip, a loose Darth Maul action figure with speeder vehicle, and two Darth Maul heads (origin unknown, see pictures). Honestly, Leanne does not remember. They are probably promotional items, or bathroom accessory bottle tops, or something. A must have for any Darth Maul fan, or simply for someone who wants to help BMS raise money. @-_,-@ <-- smoking Leia approves.

IMG_0449Darth Maul vinyl statue painted by Leanne Hannah! 1998

IMG_0278Return of the Jedi collection Rebels Star Wars 19 action figures Huge LOT #4

We have many other items listed on eBay. so please check them out and consider adding them to your own collection. It helps us out!