outerdoor5And now, the gripping conclusion to the Wedge Antilles Dilemma! This one was a lot of work, but we felt the idea was worth it. I had to deny T. Gatto’s comment from being posted, since he also came up with a similar solution. But I’m not going to keep posting people’s suggestions for what should happen next. There have been a couple of occasions now where readers have guessed correctly and that effectively creates spoilers by ruining the surprise. But yes, T. you’re on our wavelength. Plus, I think its no secret that I love the 1986 film, Aliens. :-)

jabbatoysThe auctions for my Star Wars Jabba’s Palace collection and Dalek end on Sunday night, November 23. Although I would rather not part with these guys, I have come to terms with the fact that I can go on living without them. So, if you want my Jabba’s Palace diorama, with 16 figures (including Jabba, Crumb, Slave Leia, Han Solo, Boussh, Greedo, Yak Face, Bib Fortuna, Ree Yees, Tessek, Gamorrean, Ephant Mon, CZ Droid, 9D9 Torture Droid, Power Droid victim, torture rack, carbonite Solo, Jabba’s rolling platform thing, and whatever else is in the photo that I forgot to mention (shelf not included), then please consider placing a bid on this auction. I am also parting with yet another of my once MASSIVE Dalek collection: this one from the 1964 story, The Chase. I will miss the little guy. Give him a loving home!


All funds I can raise go towards essentials, health care and medication. Cheers!