Hello Netherlands! Thanks to our friend and talented artist, Anton Van Dort, we can now offer fans around the world the option to read, discover or re-experience Blue Milk Special through the Dutch language. Belgium Star Wars fan club Teekay 421 will be graciously hosting and printing the strips as part of their fanzine. Anton has already completed the first hundred strips which will be released periodically. As soon as the strips begin to make their debut at Teekay 421 we will make another announcement. In the meantime, here are the first couple.

2009-02-02-bms001 - NL

2009-02-04-bms002 - NL

Admiral Ackbar - 2 (3)Anton is an artist with a mix of fantasy and sci-fi subject matter, including many beautiful pieces published by Teekay 421. He uses a mixture of mediums like watercolors, acrylics and digital paints to create surreal and romantic imagery. When Leanne and I saw his work we were blown away! I am envious of anyone who is able to work with traditional paints.

We met Anton at Jedi-Con 2014 and were amazed at the quality of his work, but most of all his enthusiasm and can-do attitude toward life. Meeting all these great people is one of my favorite things about making Blue Milk Special. A shared hobby as popular as Star Wars has provided an excuse for like-minded, creative individuals to discover one another and become friends. Anton’s work is really inspiring. Check out his website if you get a moment and take a look.

Anton Van Dort – https://sites.google.com/site/vandortstudio/