Luke takes the “Sith Option” to solve his problems.

“Yeah, when it comes down to it, Luke was a powerful force user but… not so great at being a Jedi” – J. Trexler

We’re back! And we plan to update on Tuesdays, so check back with us once a week!

2019 was really difficult. I lost my dad… the anniversary of which is on the 23rd, only days away. Leanne and my webcomic Heart-Wired was dropped by Webtoons with the story only half way complete. Leanne’s grandmother’s house was burned to the ground. My health continued to be a struggle, and my mental health struggled with all the above.

Heart-Wired was a massive investment of time and energy. It was hugely exhausting, but we managed to produce 30+ panels of full color art with backgrounds for 34 weeks in a row. It also meant there was simply no way to continue Blue Milk Special at the same time as Heart-Wired. Webtoons made it easier for us to return to Blue Milk Special by neither promoting Heart-Wired, nor choosing to continue the story into our planned volume 2. A frustrating outcome given the initial investment in us and our story, but things change quickly in the publishing world I guess.

It’s a new year and a fresh start. The batteries aren’t fully recharged yet from last year’s physical and emotional exhaustion, but it feels nice to be back in familiar territory producing Blue Milk Special strips once again. We are several strips ahead over on our Patreon and we encourage those who have the means to support us over there to do so. The perks of early-bird views of the upcoming strips and behind the scenes material are waiting for you. And it helps us to invest more time into BMS and it is the only thing that has kept BMS from coming to an end after Return of the Jedi, so you have those folks to thank, and perhaps join.

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