We would really love to sell these two exclusive sets of Blue Milk Special prints to raise money for the project. They are at a great price for a single print run limited to one each as they come from our own private collection. Money raised helps keep BMS going. Buy one, or both! We’re throwing in all the sweetners we can think of. There must be some Han Solo and droids fans out there! Maybe even some BMS fans. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget about signing up to support us on Patreon where you can see the adventures of Biggs and Oola!

All Han Solo appearances from The Empire Strikes Back BMS parody


I am also selling our copies of droids related strips to help raise funds for BMS. The set is number 2 of 3, covering all of Threepio and Artoo Detoo’s Empire Strikes Back appearances in the Blue Milk Special webcomic. That’s a total of 59 strips on glossy 8.5×11 inch photo paper (signed by the Leanne and myself), plus a unique Hoth base pinup, a BMS challenge coin, and a set of Leanne Hannah Princess Leia art trading cards! Only one fan can ever own this set as it is the only one we will make.

Droids Set #2 (59 BMS webcomic prints signed + unique pinup


Daca Toys – Kronos / Skyfire Masterpiece20161129_161713

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