Are you reading Between Wars? If you remember Star Wars: Age 9, created by Irish-based artist, John White, then keep in mind his latest work is nothing like it! This is a modern, fully illustrated and digitally painted webcomic, but like Star Wars: Age 9, a deeply personal story of childhood in the 1970s. John’s original webcomic project published the actual sequential fan comics he made adapting Star Wars when he was 9 years old, but Between Wars is his first original webcomic as an adult professional artist. It is beautiful, and funny. I was a child of the plastic 80s, but I find myself connecting with Between Wars in a way I expect everyone can who experienced Star Wars as a child.


The latest issues deal with Jack’s introduction to Star Wars, indirectly through word of mouth, and then on the big screen during it’s original theatrical release.


His dad didn’t buy into the hype and didn’t even see it with him.


I’ve known John since 2009. We met online thanks to Blue Milk Special when we both launched our first webcomic projects around the same time. He’s a very talented artist and author and I’m really pleased to see him undertaking this new project. I hope others will join me in supporting him and spreading the word!

To see the full Star Wars segment, start with “Premath” here. Be sure to like, retweet or +1 John’s webcomic and leave him an encouraging comment if you enjoyed the strips. We webcomic authors love it and thrive off it! And you can read all of Between Wars from the beginning, here.

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