Poor Weird Eye-Patch Guy! I guess he won’t be phoning home ever again…

Sorry for the delay over the last week. We had some paying side projects that took precedence. In fact, they are still ongoing, but at least the workload is easing up. Next Friday’s strip will be a surprise as we take readers on an unexpected twist, so be sure to check back after thanksgiving to see what we’ve been cooking up.

tork armI have a pair of custom figures I made based on the Star Wars Holiday Special’s Ackmena, played by the inimitable Bea Arthur. Although I parted with my Ackmena (the bartender) custom figure, I made new versions of her assistants, Tork (the bouncer) and Ackmena’s little person assistant.

These are probably one of a kind considering their obscurity and I’m offering them up for sale for $40 bucks as a pair. It is an opportunity to add something unique to your Star Wars collection and I’ll throw in a signed BMS card for the buyer. As always, the sale of these items helps me with medical expenses through challenging times. So I appreciate any help spreading the word about these figures among collector groups you may belong to or know of.

Click here to view the eBay auction.


I also have some Doctor Who Classics action figures for sale in a single lot. Please check them out, or tell a friend who might be interested!


If you don’t want the figures, but would still like to be able to contribute something to our BMS campaign, you can go directly to our GoFundMe here. Remember, BMS is free, so we can’t sell our BMS work to help fund things like the website. The only way to keep going is with the help of readers and a lot of Forciness.