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T. says: I used Office Max print service and was very satisfied, the employee reduced the cartons about 3% to better fit the printer. It came to about $0.70 per page, more for a heavier gloss stock.

Some assembly recommendations:

A- Score all lines that need folding, with a hobby knife and a ruler, prior to folding.
B- Use a Glue stick for a better instant paste, mix with Elmer’s/PVA glue to get a better hold.
C- Glue the side seams first then press flat to get everything lined up, then the bottoms, finally the tops.
D- If you use glue, clamp, or press with a weight, the tops (I tried using the force but it doesn’t work as well as I would like).
E- A paper clip will also hold the tops if you want to keep thing inside.
F- Use a black marker, or colored markers, to hide the fold and scoring lines if they bother you (I have not done this on the examples, but it works well).
G- If desired, trim the tops after the glue sets for a more uniform look.
H- If using thin card stock paper, reinforce the scoring lines with some tape, prior to gluing. (I found out the hard way that trying to tape a ripped seam during assembly is a pain in the @$$)

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Boba Fett



Dengar (happy and sad versions)

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Sombrero Rodian

Skorr the Great! (the bounty hunter from Ord Mantel as depicted in the Marvel Comics)

Ice Cream Han-wich