Greedo’s Cousins are joined by Boba Fett in their hunt for revenge upon Han Solo. We will endeavor to surprise you as this short story arc unfolds over the next couple of weeks.

Star Wars: Celebration V is now officially over. We have to thank Joshua (Shadow Stormtrooper) and Paul (Smoking Jawa) for going above and beyond that of ordinary readers by putting aside time while in their costumes and without to hand out Blue Milk Special promotional cards at the event. And to everyone who helped them, we thank you! We hoped everyone who attended had a fantastic time and we envy you all greatly. We hope to see some photos from the event in the next few days, so please share your links.

I suppose the biggest news was that the Return of the Jedi BluRay release next year will include the deleted scene featuring Darth Vader calling out to Luke through the Force while Luke sits in a cave on Tatooine putting the finishing touches on his lightsaber. It ignites with a powerful THX surround sound thrum that caused the Celebration V audience to roar with almost cringe worthy excitement. I was thrilled too. Hard not to be when the sight followed by the sound of the lightsaber was so powerful and… well… COOL! But the guy in the audience roaring “YEAH!!!!!!!!!” just makes me laugh every time I watch this clip. See the video above. Reminds me of the crazy Ronnie James Dio fan at the Black Sabbath signing a couple years ago.

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