Duffman, a forum member and friend, has been forced to put his Star Wars collection up for sale. There are some insane deals! It’s for a good cause and I hope that Blue Milk Special can help him raise the money he needs quickly. Please check out his collection which is linked to below. If you know anyone who would be interested in these amazing deals then please email them and point them this way.

Oh, and I’m having minor surgery on Tuesday so wish me Forciness! 🙂

Hello fellow BMSers!
I am currently selling my entire star wars collection so that I can afford to move from the US to Australia to be with my wife who is expecting our first child in November. The below link will take you to my photobucket album with all my items listed and their prices. They are first come first serve and as items are sold they will be removed from the album. Please email me at Dantes_Shade76@yahoo.com with the item number you wish to purchase and I will contact you back with details on payment and shipping.

I prefer all payments be processed through paypal, but other arrangements can be made. All shipping will be done via USPS flat rates boxes. Orders over $100 in the US and over $200 outside the US will get free shipping. I want to thank you all in advance for your interest. A special thanks to Blue Milk Special for their smiles they’ve provided and the assistance they’ve given me at this time. It pains me to have to sell my childhood but I have to get to my wife and unborn son as soon as possible.